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Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (Merriam-Webster). 

Video Production refers to the electronic capture of moving images on electronic media, such as digital cameras, videotapes, and streaming media. This includes specific methods of video editing and post-production as well (Adobe). 

This research guide provides a curated set of research materials in Photography and Video Production. While this is a great place to start your research journey, please explore our numerous other resources provided by the Ocean County College Library.

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If you want to browse the shelves, you'll find books relating to Photography and Video Production in these ranges:

770s: Photography, Computer Art, Film, and Video

  • 770: Photography, Computer Art, Cinematography, Videography
  • 771: Techniques, Procedures, Apparatus, Equipment, Materials
  • 777: Cinematography and Videography
  • 778: Specific Fields and Special Kinds of Photography
  • 779: Photographic Images