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Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management: Home


The hospitality industry means any person or entity involved in the operation, management, support, or ownership of a restaurant, catering business, hotel business, conference business, travel business, tourism business, tour business, or tour guide business (Law Insider).

This research guide provides a curated set of research materials in Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management. While this is a great place to start your research journey, please explore our numerous other resources provided by the Ocean County College Library.

For more information on the HRTM program at OCC, please visit the degree homepage.

OCC Catalog

Use the OCC Catalog to find books and articles in the library:

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If you want to browse the shelves, you'll find books relating to Hospitality, Recreation, and Tourism Management in these ranges:

330s: Economics

  • 337: International Economics

380s: Commerce, Communications and Transportations

  • 381: Commerce (Trade)
  • 382: International Commerce (Foreign Trade)

390s: Customs, Etiquette and Folklore

  • 394: General Customs
  • 395: Manners

640s: Home and Family Management

  • 641: Food and Drink
  • 642: Meals and Table Service
  • 643: Housing and Household Equipment
  • 647: Management of Public Households (Institutional Housekeeping)
  • 648: Housekeeping

650s: Management and Public Relations

  • 657: Accounting
  • 658: General Management
  • 659: Advertising and Public Relations

910s: Geography and Travel